Are Lady Gaga’s Feet Sexy?

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9 thoughts on “Are Lady Gaga’s Feet Sexy?

  1. Ellena says:

    "She is very sexy.''. . . . okkkkkaaaayyy then
    Have you seen?!?!
      nah, but probably not, probably as thin as his nose mahoosive!

  2. idbangro says:

    You realize it is really a man, right?

  3. FRiKO! says:

    shes so AAWH Hoot, P
    Paparazzi see your new video clip!

  4. Allie M says:

    No way!

  5. izzyjay2 says:

    I laughed when I had athlete's foot.

  6. ☮Miss thang☮ says:

    IDK! Heres a tip-Why do not you ask

  7. Mommy of twins, Due October 25 ! says:

    Firstly, not sexy at all! Too true. . .

  8. amy says:

    hey lady gaag

  9. huha says:

    mommy,do you have a foot fetish?

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