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Does anyone know what song Lady Gaga at the bottom?

I heard a song and has 4 different types of singing and never had a voice in the background that looked like lady gaga, someone knows what Im talkin about?

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Does anyone besides me think that poker face Lady Gaga song is stupid?

I mean really? P, P, P, poker face, p, p, poker face. And when he speaks of a cliff with their muffins? I love lady gaga, but this song is stupid. I would put my face!:) Lol!

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What is the original song by Lady Gaga Poker Face?

What is the original song Lady Gaga Poker Face of wine?

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Band Guy is an excuse for Lily Allen or the song Lady Gaga?

I try to find a song by Lady GaGa Lily Allen or covered by a band of kind?
, But good,
Please help.

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Poll: What is your favorite song Lady Gaga?

Mine is the glory. No one even knows this song, but I think it's her best song!

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Why song Lady Gaga "Just Dance" as high in iTunes?

I love Lady GaGa music and style. But why only his sky rocket to number 2 on iTunes Top 100 Songs? It happened suddenly. This song has been since May, and have done moderately. What happened to the song so high in one day?

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Can anyone help me with the song A Lady gaga?

I really need kareoke / instrumental version of the song Lady boysboysboys Gagas. I organize a party and kareoke is my girlfriends favorite song!
Thank you in advance:)

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Is the song Lady Gaga, Just Dance drink or go about to see a cute guy?

I just wanted to know if the song "Just Dance" Lady Gaga is a drinking song, and his drinking, or is it to see a cute kid and all left, because he is so cute! Tell me, tell me!

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Lady Gaga song you like more?

Just Dance and Poker Face
because they play on the radio all the time Just Dance
I think Faces Poker is much better.
What do you think?

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