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What does a music therapist, and what is their education like?

I love music and I think going into health care. Someone suggested that the music therapist. Does anyone know what they do, or better still an individual therapist. What is your education is and what kind of training in music is what we need. What are some working conditions, and what earning potential. Anyone know any of this information would be greatly appreciated.

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What would the world of music Be Without Michael Jackson?

Since Michael Jackson is a huge influence on music today, I wondered how different music, especially pop music, is that Michael Jackson had never entered the music scene. What do you think? Pop music is very different than it is today?

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Music !!!?!?

What are some good songs 4 to 13 years to put on your iPod? I'm open to anything other than metal or country. thnx ♥


How to promote Music Networking Community Forum?

It is a network of community music for music lovers, artists and anyone interested in music.
Improve as a writer or artist can be a daunting task, but it's easier to succeed if it can benefit from the experience of other artists and music fans here in his district. All content on this website comes from people who have been successful artists, writing and know a lot about music. His expertise is here to help.
Read through the forum, we require full of much useful information for everything related to music and others.

How would you promothing this?

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The background music would be a good option for me?

I love singing and playing music. I can not find someone to join a group. All my friends are either in gangs or talent. So it would be a good idea to record music and singing live with recorded music. Was it a good idea and it is common? Does it depend on the music?

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Music Theory What knowledge is necessary to study medieval music?

I enrolled in a course titled "History of Early Music. I had the theory of AP in high school, but very few people in the class are majors that have advanced the theory. It's complicated medieval music or what?

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