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What kind of music scene downtown Detroit does at night?

The next time you visit downtown Detroit, I would check the music scene. What kind of music is the center of the scene in Detroit and where are the best places to see good music. I am interested in seeing contemporary new age music, classical music and jazz. They are also places to visit Travel to good music safely at night?

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Music !!!!!!!!!?

I am a part in 2 weeks and I need good music. It is part of the pool.



well well I have to make a playlist and do not be rude plzz
I like the Jonas Brothers and just need a few singers and songs. . . Fans Adele oh and I love her song Chasing Pavements So what songs like?
im about to disappear for a while, so I need songs gooooddd


Music. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

What are some sites that u can create playlists of free music without having to download? as if she could go to the site and listen while im on the computer. responses?


Music Industry?

okkay i'v decided i wana be in the music industry. . Assisgning know people who can sing and stuff, but what's it called? and what kind of skills that I should be in it?


Lady Gaga credits her success Im ‘a real New York hustler.’

Lady Gaga American IdolLady Gaga….I have to say I wasn’t sure about her at first, but I feel like she keeps working and showing up the haters. I feel like people shouldn’t compare her because she not trying to be anybody but lady gaga.

In April, Lady Gaga graced the “American Idol” stage, bringing her alien-disco vibe to the masses. Rocking one of her more out-there looks (a zippered eye patch and a starry, silver leotard), the “Poker Face” singer took a major step toward mainstream takeover.

The performance was definitely different from any that had taken place on the “Idol” stage over the years. Moments like that are what the New York disco queen appreciates most now that she’s a certified pop star with hit records and an ever-growing fanbase, which includes Madonna and Kanye West.

“I’m really very grateful more than anything,” she told MTV News about being asked to perform on “American Idol.” “I mean, I’ve been working hard, and I’ve never given up.”

For Gaga, taking the “Idol” stage was merely one of the most recent triumphs in a long string of accomplishments that she’s worked so hard to achieve. And she credits growing up in New York as one of the reasons she’s found so much success. “I’m a real New York hustler, and now that I’m here, I want to do better things, more inspirational for my fans,” she said. “It’s all about them.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving back to the fans who’ve helped her become a star. “I have quite an ego but not when it comes to giving. I really want to give as much as I can to them,” she said. “And give back the way that they’ve given to me. And just do great music and great shows. And sign every autograph that anyone ever wants me to sign and that’s it.”