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What are the lyrics of Just Dance by Lady Gaga?

http://www. metrolyrics. com/just-dance-ly…
there in the link.

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What Song Lady Gaga poker "face" About? Where is the reference to what is in the lyrics?

I'm watching Friday Night with Jonathan Ross n Gaga said the song is about sex, but I do not know how to explain please!
Thank you.

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Has anyone sat down and done Lyrics never read Lady Gaga?

lol just did not make sense!
When you've read, it sounds so fun. ¿Quién escribe esto?

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Lady Gaga Lyrics Lovegame disadvantage?

Well, I heard a million different ways: Do not think too much just to bust – Kick, stick, prick, BIC – what it really is?? Also: making or LoveGame In LoveGame (like French)?

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What are the "letters" of the song Poker Face * Lady Gaga For?

To me it sounds like the main chorus is singing. . . . . . . . .
"Man of the carrot, the carrot man. You can not Read'um Of Poker Face ".
Or am I heard the error? lol

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