Do you know Lady Gaga To be a bad influence?

Do not wear trousers
Suggestive dance moves
Raunchy Pictures
"I want a ride in his memory Disco"!?
Sorry, but this is news is bad for the youth of today.

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6 thoughts on “Do you know Lady Gaga To be a bad influence?

  1. Sue says:

    How pathetic. Never mind just the youth "of today, but throughout the world. This girl is the basic paradigm of the attention that I have ever seen. And I thought Britney Spears was a joke. Give us a break!

  2. blanket says:

    I was a little Gob struck when I heard a couple of girls in school 6 years old singing "I want to take a ride on your hard stick" When I was picking up my sister at the school a month or two, I was AS = O WTF!, but again sang sexually oriented pop songs at that age too – a bit more reassuring to know that these girls have know idea what the words mean and like the melody – the costumes and body language on Lady GaGa on their videos is another story.

  3. KEVINRUD says:

    I'm young and I think it's awesome! But yes, a little naughty. Most children do not see your vids and those who hate in general, and many of my friends, like the rhythm of songs. . . but w / e, I love (song)

  4. ♥c0c0puf says:

    If you raise your children, although nothing should influence, including the evocative music or the violence they see on television. I mean, if it so bad you can always change the channel or not they can listen to the station.

  5. bryguy_9 says:

    I just found it to be boring. If so many people have shitty taste in music and to discourage young people from these actions, because it began to associate them with sounds so aggravating.

  6. euphoria says:

    She is a monster
    And a whore
    Newcastle said

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