How to promote Music Networking Community Forum?

It is a network of community music for music lovers, artists and anyone interested in music.
Improve as a writer or artist can be a daunting task, but it's easier to succeed if it can benefit from the experience of other artists and music fans here in his district. All content on this website comes from people who have been successful artists, writing and know a lot about music. His expertise is here to help.
Read through the forum, we require full of much useful information for everything related to music and others.

How would you promothing this?

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3 thoughts on “How to promote Music Networking Community Forum?

  1. Ed Atun says:

    Writing in Rolling Stone magazine and tell them about your site. If they write about you, you'll be for life. .

  2. sniperki… says:

    Jump to other forums and advertising there, too, are advertised in major bands my space through reviews and more. Leave the link in the comments on the relevant sites around the network can also be applied in music stores if you can not put a note on the little shop, many music stores have a bulletin board where teachers and announce things thus. attempted contact with the press of the street as Rave and time and see if they will put a small mention in the magazine somewhere that the key is to achieve its taget auidience.

  3. prashant32 g says:

    Search Engiine Optimization is the best way forward. Another commercialization path is offline. You can visit this blog and learn tricks of marketing in the offline world.

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