If Lady Gaga is Going to Hell, I am TOO!

Lady Gaga Blood

To lighten up your holidays, Reverend Fred Phelps, the uber-Baptist preacher, is demanding a boycott on Lady Gaga and her millions fans, proclaiming she is a “whore” and denouncing her art and her talent.

If you do not know who Phelps is, here is a bit of history. He is a minister of the Westboro Baptist Church which is just outside of Topeka, Kansas and has led many anti-gay protests. He also formed a massive hate group who is helping him to take down evil-doers in the name of his obviously cruel God.

Back to his hate for GAGA. He calls her dancing pretentious and claims that she should only refer to herself as “Lady” if she’s incorporating “of the night” thereafter. Phelps is now calling for a mass picket against the God-hating star to be held at the Fox Theater in St. Louis, Missouri. In the press release, he claims Gaga is a hussy, a whore and a slut, among various other underlying insults.

If this is true and Lady Gaga is going to hell, I guess I’m going too! Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “If Lady Gaga is Going to Hell, I am TOO!

  1. gaga_gaby says:

    I agree he’s an a-hole and if gays get sent to hell, well it’ll be one kick ass orgy!

  2. April says:

    Phelps is a nutball. He tried to organize a protest where I am when a gay man was shot and killed. He wanted to protest his funeral. The best thing to do about these crazy “god-loving” people is just to ignore them..It is, afterall, fame and publicity they are after. Lady GaGa is amazing…he’s just plain psycho.

  3. gemma says:

    i ama relley god singer

  4. Erin MacKay says:

    How extremely biased of you do put God on the same level as an obviously ungodly man. I hold Lady Gaga as one of my idols and I am a daughter of a Baptist preacher, but I dont see God by any means “obviously cruel”. It’s called human tendencies, friend, check up on it.

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