Lady Gaga and sexy outfits – Live Interview

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and sexy outfits – Live Interview

  1. donnaXCatzX says:

    haha shes crazy laugh Ludwig Wild Fuck it!

  2. SarahMullinsxo12 says:

    She loves Jojo! It is always very happy when you make a Interveiw! II "" Gaga want!

  3. lovebug76258 says:

    im sure you type Stoof Wen added that on the table "" veiw must have been nice! hahahah

  4. LadyAwesomeGaga says:

    The other type is the personification gagavision recorder thingy. . . idk what its called, but it takes gagavision!

  5. fize34 says:

    II gaga Lady hatred. . . . Lady gaga fuck

  6. LeviAndCompany47 says:

    i loveloveloveï When the bow hair! : D

  7. piprik says:

    i Lovei "LADY GAGA TRANVESTITE but belive? searchlady penisorlady gaga gaga tranvestite

  8. loveXhateXhard says:

    lol, did you now know why, because Lady gaga here in 102. LETS 7 "" Get It Started! "

  9. fallenrecordz says:

    She'sa "so amazing.

  10. emoxapaulis says:

    What are the clothes? Thanks "Do you

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