Lady Gaga Boys Boys Boys – Lyrics

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Boys Boys Boys – Lyrics

  1. ravenxdaer says:

    Boys Boys Boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sillybillies1000 says:

    ashtray yah it surprised me too, and these letters are lengthy and "informed" that good.

  3. jls126387 says:

    Rushi not your ashtray "trick", but Nice vid

  4. johnmayerhadatvshow says:

    If you do not know Lyrics Thei "Why publish a video with them? It's stupid.

  5. sylwiagirl200 says:

    Buti its ok "some words are wronggood video, though: D

  6. marwebdon says:

    i love dat little withi "boys … in cars ……… "relay thats cool

  7. horsemorgan147852369 says:

    i Lovei "my son" boy

  8. livi9512 says:

    learn Lyrics "Thei before making a theseeee

  9. baby10234567 says:

    (8) I really think hes hot THATI bit hotlove "

  10. janasoetens says:

    i Lovei said

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