Lady Gaga Do not Think Is Sexy?

We think she is not ugly compared to other people!

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20 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Do not Think Is Sexy?

  1. blaster 2 says:

    I prefer women. . . . not men who had a sex change.

  2. Addison =) P.Y.T.♥ says:

    No, I'm a girl. . . But she is ugly with short hair! : P

  3. Whos Bα∂? I ɭove you мј. ♥ says:

    http://cm1. theinsider. com/media/0/346/16…
    Yeah she’s BANGIN’ sike nahh. .

  4. johnston says:

    Galinda is a little hard-Lady Gaga seems to be a beautiful girl who sings, is the makeup and gloss and a funny wig.

  5. Lesha says:

    Lady Gaga is really not sexy. she is really ugly.

  6. Clickety says:

    No, she tries too hard. There is a kind of desperation to their performances that makes me uncomfortable! : /

  7. Giggles. says:

    That was before they all newcomers. I saw the picture before it is celebrated. He looked better. Shes ok now, but his nose is effed up.

  8. jerry b says:

    Sexy !!!!! N Trampy, the potential for exciting bitch!? Yes

  9. tekkenfa says:

    http://www. ladygagaisaman. com/
    this website sums it all up

  10. 4evermic says:

    Miley Cyrus shes really weird, but more rare

  11. Tony says:

    Lady Gaga "is not mad that I'm

  12. marcus VI says:

    It is not rude as a bear CSR *

  13. Hardcore Princess JD says:

    sanguinary is without makeup. She is a monster!

  14. Karni says:

    Ewww. . . . . . . which is far from sexy!

  15. Nelly Nelly Nelly says:

    It looks like a man!

  16. |Leah| I ♥ Evra Von says:

    I find it interesting: the

  17. Żαħгą says:

    scares me: 0

  18. Galinda says:

    If you are interested in women with human parts. . if yah know what I mean. . !

  19. knight guardian says:

    not like a dog

  20. Amy says:

    Not a man. Look it up on youtube lol. x

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