Lady Gaga Ft Flo-Rida – Starstruck [+ letter. ]

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Ft Flo-Rida – Starstruck [+ letter. ]

  1. CasiAngelita47 says:

    It veri good song! " I love GaGa!

  2. lovesick7557 says:

    I like this song! Yes. . . = Di "

  3. dr0pa says:

    Now that baby was alone, I do requestWould received a first position in its playlisty and I just do:) lols »¿this song is a picture of the number 1!

  4. spelcakoc says:

    II »:):):):):) love this song so much

  5. juicyfruit725 says:

    i love this song! x) ¿ï

  6. SEXIemoBISEXUAL says:

    HV you should put more pix on the video because it would be "more interesting for EVERY1

  7. Griffinjoshua says:

    No, it is not. . It's just music Thei. . you can do other things while listening

  8. azxten2324 says:

    A anyoneï smithjolt "used. com before? It assumes that you can make money doing surveys?

  9. Kinetickor says:

    Its "Im so" ï »¿not" So What "

  10. sweetloveangelz says:

    Great song I Lovei "rap!

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