Lady Gaga is sexy or Just Crazy?

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11 thoughts on “Lady Gaga is sexy or Just Crazy?

  1. Beefmouth says:

    Lady Gaga is an artist and an artist, and all shows stageï Crazy " 'and the teams are essentially performing arts!, Funny how that happens sometimes eh. . . . I am not particularly a fan of him, but there's worse out there and at least two people were actually a conversation about things without a total douchebag.

  2. SpaceAgentsCreator says:

    Fuck that Spasticated Dick!

  3. SpaceAgentsCreator says:

    I agree! Ï "You see!

  4. chyannhubler5671 says:

    TheYoungTurks these girls are incredible, I think I've seen in Amateurfoam. Yuri comJust check e-mail You 'and get free content.

  5. osusnowman says:

    Lady GaGaï "I do not know why, but me, but I love it. Go Gaga.

  6. losangelesmrolympia says:

    shes American and half Italian mother who moves all die HATERS ####### HIGH BURN and BURN IN HELL hell curse all Thei "LADY GAGA haters. . . . MUMS DADS your curse and even death. . . . . . .

  7. Gladchild08 says:

    Lady Gaga isi "screwed.

  8. freshblooms says:

    Middleï shes is not actually complete, almost Italian

  9. Jermetrice says:

    Lady Gaga is a person. She is a celebrity. It will never be important. Pero mientras ella a nadie es interesante, probablemente voy a echar un vistazo a su ¿ "videos durante los primeros 20 segundos.

  10. TheJudgeMan1 says:

    Are you somebody? ï »¿

  11. dannieee1234567890 says:

    shes not all there sometimes….

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