Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Extended Version) With Lyrics

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Extended Version) With Lyrics

  1. JeremysVideos2 says:

    Um. . . Yes. . Buti so it's the same song "more. . MaNuMixx sorry, but this remix is a big failure. I'd rather hear the original song twice, in addition to its efforts in the game lyrics w / video is a little sad. MHO: Great song / remix sucky. FAIL.

  2. clemens101 says:

    schrecklich ja, dieser ohrwurm "

  3. clemens101 says:

    buy; Di "

  4. EllyisNobodyinLove says:

    Das einzige das von mir Leid LG GEFA ¤ llt! Super Song! Ï »¿

  5. Waika1977 says:

    it isi "GRAN

  6. diana55556 says:

    LMFAO I love the part with the pool "swimming: D

  7. Catha97 says:

    Ladi "gaga u rock! :)

  8. oancitizen says:

    Reading the letter, with all the statements of a person who can not understand how he got the trash or, if other people are bound, "I just got a subtle" I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream "Vibe.

  9. DennisKyrill says:

    Eggs Remix by Lady Gaga myi "Channel! Listen to it!

  10. weescent2009 says:

    The Original Version Thani Better Way

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