Lady Gaga and Kanye West Tour is Over

Lady Gaga and Kanye West

Lady Gaga is not going to let Kanye West get in the way of her fans.

The very next day after the joint tour with the annoying rapper was ended, the Gaga stated that she will be hitting the road alone

She said:  “We mutually decided to cancel the tour. He’s going to take some time off, but I’m not, Kanye and I talked about it. We talked about it a lot, as well as with Live Nation.”

Kanye West and Lady Gaga’s tour, was called “Fame Kills,” and it was planed to kick off November 10th in Phoenix, Arizona. Live Nation announced the tour cancellation on Thursday without giving an explanation.  But last month West said that he was thinking about taking time off to reassess his behavior.

Gaga said the new tour will start off in the middle of Nov.  Her platinum-selling debut CD, “The Fame,” will be rereleased on November 24th, how exciting!

What do you think of this separation?

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