Lady Gaga Killed Kanye West Tour !!!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Killed Kanye West Tour !!!!!!!

  1. TheKingPac says:

    obama dire

  2. skirkend says:

    Kanyeï "West

  3. Frostythegothicqueen says:

    Jon Gosselin. -_-ï »¿

  4. SMMili91 says:

    Kanye West, who fishes gayi. Douchebag more

  5. 1800retard says:

    I think Jon should dooshbag Gosselin king. Kanye West is a whore, but Jon "Kate left-handed with all children and cheating!

  6. kmarine4321 says:

    CHRIS BROWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ï »¿

  7. hotdog2020 says:

    Chris Brown Thi eothers "can not live with this kind of douchbaggery

  8. lastdragon55 says:

    What about Glenn Beck? Ï »¿

  9. AlexIsTight15 says:

    ChrisBrown "

  10. shari04 says:

    ummm. . . I tell Chris Brown! ï »¿

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