Lady Gaga Paparazzi – Lyrics

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Paparazzi – Lyrics

  1. Tasharox3 says:

    luuurveï i »¿this song! O_O

  2. renlp says:

    Lyrics U SUCK ati "

  3. jtlbff23 says:

    i luv dis song! ï »¿ï someoneee love!

  4. mizzrenee96 says:

    some of these "lyricsï 'are wrong

  5. yourboychops says:

    Song isi 'awsome

  6. luv015justin18miley says:

    I do not like lady gaga! Buti "Still I love you songs! and this is the best! I LOVE THIS SONG!

  7. slimjiminky says:

    Thisio "anois" ssong m brotherbut i love it

  8. Buneary2001 says:


  9. cutiepiejm says:

    Fantasy is my new word! i ownz! be jealous! ï »¿

  10. 1SUnflOWEr11 says:

    I love tHiiiSï "SONG !!!!!!!!!!!! â? ¥

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