Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

Paparazzi – FAME 2008 We are in the crowd, we are quickly out Got my flash, it is true that the image you need It's so magical We want to be the largest leather and jeans. . . glamor. . .

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

  1. YazzieTech says:

    Gaga WOMAN IS NOT A MAN! Ï "idk hoo idiots gave you that idea!

  2. YazzieTech says:

    Shei "does not!

  3. SierraFriendsForeva says:

    Shes ai 'do we really the right man

  4. eztreyalokz says:

    i love this even afraid IFIs, it has a penis

  5. asteroidphysics says:

    Looooove letters, Im ur biggest fun, love to hate the bad uu meeeeeee

  6. Jersey6909 says:

    I really think that is enough to have him. And if Hasi "a rooster. damn much. in no way surprising.

  7. r00tk1d says:

    Do you really discrimination? I mean, it is fameï "not to talk bullshit. . but it may be related to the promotion

  8. xPoptartt says:

    It is hermaphrodite. She admitted "Is it herself. She has a penis, yes.

  9. angeeldangerouus says:

    I (L) this "song

  10. dadocesar96 says:

    Ii is your love

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