Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Acoustic Live @ AOL Sessions)

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Acoustic Live @ AOL Sessions)

  1. ozzypopster says:

    my point. Now, I really like. still dont likeï video "Pokerface;), but only the dancing and the paparazzi are songs that I think

  2. ozzypopster says:

    the acoustic version of his hat in "Electricidad pianoand recorded perhaps his digitallyjust listen to people who

  3. pengyed says:

    It'sï piano "yet. . . and not only look at that? What do you mean pwned?

  4. yegorrakittnsia379 says:

    Hearing on the reference code? I have never, until a week ago iti big ball of "no sweat ATALL. Just write the film tiltpoker code with full and $ 600 cash! Poker was new to me but now I understand because it is easy to understand.

  5. surferguy345 says:

    When I saw that the first thought of being electrocuted or something. . . ï »¿

  6. MarOneMercene says:

    Perhaps a piano can be! Noti "A keyboard

  7. emeraldsrain says:

    Yet you're the idiot. The point to be the "noise" that is not electric isi!

  8. CosmicGrooves says:

    HAHAHA You're an idiot. Non-acoustic electric. Acoustic – of, relating to, ï »¿o be a musical instrument whose sound is not electrically enhanced or modified. PWNED.

  9. stickboy79 says:

    It was great. . . . until "2:11. Female right version of Louis Armstrong.

  10. weya says:

    I think it has really impressed me. . . Now I feel guilty Heri previously regarded as "false." . . I do not know what to think. . . o. or

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