Lady Gaga – Poker Face (FULL HQ) * with lyrics *

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Poker Face (FULL HQ) * with lyrics *

  1. StockwellVeasley19 says:

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  2. Logansmusik says:

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  3. Careyluke67 says:

    just love this song. . . I had to " 'iti of fast2ceIl. C0M when I saw it was free :-)

  4. laine217 says:

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  5. MsPokerJoker says:

    Best Video gaga "ladi

  6. Bateysherman54 says:

    this vid is amazing. . . I see that probably 10x days lol. . . fast2ceIl bought in a second ago freeï »¿:-)

  7. mackygLai says:

    II "" LOVE IT. .

  8. reid265575 says:

    “ Sex vidi "TaylorTape with Taylor Swift. Com_

  9. Skinnerhomer50 says:

    gr8 song, love the lyrics n rhythm . I had to "on my mobile Thisio fast2cell free. com

  10. EndicottSimoes47 says:

    Whoa, fast2cell just extracted. com has a song Thisio "on my iPhone as 10 seconds! lol

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