Lady Gaga Poker Face with Lyrics

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Poker Face with Lyrics

  1. ncisaddict825 says:

    Texas is please ï »¿mean and rude, saying:

  2. carmenf101 says:

    cool !!!!!!! ï »¿video

  3. aaliyah16z says:

    bestes lied "¿: D!

  4. XxWhatAStupidLambxX says:

    I hate when people have to be a bitch just because the words are false. :) That is to say they "Takei" time for a "video letter". And apparently, you know the words. . soooo. . . Yes o. Or

  5. Passionofthetaint says:

    Lady Gaga FACT: Lady Gaga wrote this song about a bad experience that has given this girl. Lady Gaga was kissing this girl and her big nose stuffed into his eyes and his face beaten. Eyeï girls "was damaged and had to be made because the pileated woodpecker. It improves and the blues are finally here. Poor girl!

  6. isexykitty says:

    The lyrics are wrong! He said: "I want to hold 'em, just like the initial" Texas "plays"

  7. yesilish says:

    i lllllllllovvvvvvvvve this song rocks imy friend Toldi "asur me strength that I know actually existed, but rocla

  8. trubluash says:

    I 'not' understand this song. . . I know the words, but true! I Want To Hold em like this place? I Want To Hold em, as they do in Texas, please! Exactly. . . . damn. . . pls. pls if you make a video. correctt do!

  9. xshadysugarx says:

    his "texas is actually

  10. lovelyeuvi says:

    loli "

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