Lady Gaga – Second Time Around lyrics

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9 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Second Time Around lyrics

  1. JessiJurassic says:

    Amazing. ! ï »¿

  2. sofiaspain9 says:

    I love this !!!!!!!!!!!! Song

  3. jeromewhun says:

    Lady Gaga, made this year. ï »¿m /

  4. missnogwhat88 says:

    ik woon "Nederland en ik ken hem ook ook!

  5. duffy2403 says:

    i love this song is "isi" Lady Gaga best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. seavan12 says:

    my fav song "

  7. duppagum says:

    ja niemand in Nederland zowattt Dees Kent: S 1 ist ja haar beste liedjes VN ** ** translated: I do not know if ISI Songino Netherlands, one of his best songs

  8. woowitssoof says:

    haha inderdaad ik ken m nu ook maar een van de maand iets echt gwoon Niemand Kent m! Dan behalve Hahat jou = I know this song for a month, but I swear, someone (in Holland), he knows too! except that loli "

  9. duppagum says:

    "Boy I" can not "forget how they were with me .." O. . Boy II "" may "forget how they were with me? Please reply.

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