Lady Gaga – Starstruck (feat. Space Cowboy and Flo Rida) HQ * [Full]


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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Starstruck (feat. Space Cowboy and Flo Rida) HQ * [Full]

  1. courtypow says:

    Shee is so pretty Itsi "obvious shes not a man!

  2. RenatfeatMusic says:

    Ii oh 'all his love songs ^ ^

  3. 3naCria says:

    No Itsi "Starstruck

  4. 3naCria says:

    lol this is almost "one year to 7 million paparazzi who arrived in less than 3 months

  5. ellekexanubis says:

    This good song "Lady Gaga

  6. blairflair2 says:

    Sweetness "

  7. Phaymousx says:

    Notice "Is it not bad bad

  8. souljaboyandflo0rida says:

    Lady Gaga is delayed. It should be chosen as one. Which has reached # 1 on iTunes and the Top 40 Mainstream. Also received 7 million visits, while only 6 million paparazzi now "on YouTube.

  9. gaamaru95 says:

    His dudeï Starstruck "

  10. MrMametchiboy1 says:

    Love It

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