Lady Gaga T in the Park Festival Paparazzi Poker Face Super Sexy Body The V

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga T in the Park Festival Paparazzi Poker Face Super Sexy Body The V

  1. motorolaQ9h says:

    I do not see in south Gaga blge rumors Miss does not truei "

  2. sjaggityboy says:

    she can not sing! at 1:06 ï »¿shes saying something

  3. pikeman07 says:

    sjaggitywhateva. . . . First ur late. . . . . always sings live, each song still sings different, without even a note a little flat. . . . most talented women of the universe hide. . . andi is by far the best ass!

  4. nanochyron says:

    Noti not, she is dancing and you do not understand fuking proforming

  5. rissaboo22 says:

    i dont think shes a man. I mean if I were a hermaphodite stuff i wouldnt wear well, I would be sacred. She is not afraid or anything. I do not think it makes no sense. If you know u have somthing Downie "" Why wear something that exposes all?

  6. megalupin7 says:

    It is not Ai "hermaphrodite," his body is not really the right way. Overall, there are more than mere genitals givaways.

  7. Stuart1000 says:

    I like the way it is mentioned about seven times Kinross throughout "the game!

  8. EedBoy16 says:

    so try to sing "The Frontier of millions and jump and sing all their songs, of course, you want to play stupid you know what a good performance

  9. Geo7814 says:

    MANI woman "is all I'm pretty sure it will do more of what you did in your life. . . .

  10. dx4ever2008 says:

    If yes. What tui Pringao "say. . xDD

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