Lady Gaga Takes a Tour of Jerusalem, wearing the headscarf

Lady Gaga the pop princess is in Israel for a concert in Tel Aviv – Pokerface singer took the opportunity to travel to the Old City of Jerusalem, in a veil. . Follow us on Twitter http://twitter. com / itn_music

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Takes a Tour of Jerusalem, wearing the headscarf

  1. zoharil says:

    It should have included only the shoulders, head, and not as a Muslim. I do not know why Shei "What, but this is not a part of the culture of Israel.

  2. piloteminuit says:

    What 'is the point of covering their heads, but not the arms and shoulders? Total lack of understanding of the culture of the Middle East.

  3. DonJuanDeMarco2 says:

    Is published in a hook whereï "nose is supposed to be? And who does not think it is? Maddona or Bob Dylan? Poker face in my ass. It should get your ass-called because it is good for all shes.

  4. Antidote001 says:

    It looks like Madonna with "tons and loops

  5. stephluvsmac says:

    Which is another Illuminati puppet Paidi "million of anything that shit

  6. hmzombie says:

    wow that really seem ai "LADYBOY

  7. bellabells81 says:

    Shes funny littleï "Muffin Bluffer. x

  8. Katerpops96 says:

    I like Lady Gaga reaaaally, + shes so different shes completely changed the music. . ï »¿mentalist and one at a time: P

  9. wwwwowomgcom says:

    I thought it was just unique and I think shes differantnow i »¿fucking weirdo

  10. UnderclasSum41 says:

    The notification "Jew. It is Italian

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