Light On (Official Music Video)

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10 thoughts on “Light On (Official Music Video)

  1. Frankygoestoboston says:

    I Do agreeï "dogharper with you. Lights.

  2. Frankygoestoboston says:

    It's kind of wrong message to send. Electricity is expensive and is a product in danger of extinction. ï ¿ "Be more careful when you put on your next CD of David. Otherwise ROCK ON.

  3. wendym4040 says:

    THOSE "eyes"!

  4. 4095Emily says:

    This is my favorite song. . soundtrack of our lives ""

  5. SweeetKyChick says:

    David is not gay. ï »¿I know where you got ur information but is not gay.

  6. Rainydayz87 says:

    Who cares if he is gay? If you do not, do not watch. and turn not Thei 'what do people like him.

  7. weddingstar100 says:

    whatia hell? Lol! Motel 6

  8. bobchang84 says:

    "I think hesitant" about Motel 6

  9. lilvietj3nny says:

    I love song Thisio. And he is not gay. Indeed, weaternpi, you write "too" with O..

  10. PMMSgurl09 says:

    II love this song "David Cook is hot!

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