National Coalition Equality March: Lady Gaga talks

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10 thoughts on “National Coalition Equality March: Lady Gaga talks

  1. gjfranky says:

    It's so sweet, thank you Ladya "GaGa

  2. PhootPloot says:

    Bisuxuals much as bisexual, but with "continued orally.

  3. josepra says:

    Fuckface. . . God bless you and bless gay? Godi "" never allow homosexuals to marry. . God must have a difderent.

  4. patsagainstrats says:

    Manufactured gay rights is a farce. ï »¿stop politicizing sexuality and neuroses of his work elsewhere.

  5. elizabeth91389 says:

    Håveien "Have you read the Bible? not meant to be taken literally, no theologian would say that

  6. elizabeth91389 says:

    that "religious" people say they are so moral, and yet they are so hateful and narrow. you can not think for themselves, so religion does not dictate all your thoughts for you. The Bible is not meant to be taken literally! not supposed to be separation of church and state in this country, and equal rights for all. People who are homophobic. . . WHYI "you are here? I am not gay, and people like my stomach still hurts. It is a disease

  7. elizabeth91389 says:

    people who do not support equal rights anti-American. . . Equal rights are the foundation of our Constitution. They are also gayi "and has no effect on you. . . that has nothing to do with you, so why not ignore them then if you have a problem?

  8. hehehaw says:

    They may be married, is simply called a civil partnership, the "single differenceï is the name. . .

  9. jakedavis1994 says:

    For anyone who believes in gay marriage Ori "Do you think it sucks, you could die, seriously.

  10. Lovelyheart77 says:

    You go to God with all your misfortune forms of trial. I seriously doubt Jesus would be so hateful. . . loves a true Christian, "without trial".

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