Poll: What is your favorite song Lady Gaga?

Mine is the glory. No one even knows this song, but I think it's her best song!

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29 thoughts on “Poll: What is your favorite song Lady Gaga?

  1. Emma ♥ Danny. says:

    Paparazzi: o)

  2. Lady GaGa says:

    I know the song. But, personally, one of my favorites is paparazzi. But my computer locked because the video for "sexual content".
    Haha, wooow.

  3. Kevin Rudolf's Girl♥™ says:

    Brown Eyes
    Nobody really knows the song, but it's really good:]]
    I have in iTunes if you want to hear
    P. S. I ♥ The Fame !!!!!!! lol

  4. i ♥::♫YiyA bABy♫::♥ says:

    Omigosh! I am a huge fan of Lady GaGa ^ ^ I love all their songs.
    but my favorite is the fame that is only dance —->
    / Game of Love Pokerface are impressive too.
    oh yeah the remix of love game OWNS:)

  5. Sara♥Cal says:

    I like remixes Lovegame but not the original song so much. Poker face is good too

  6. Jan says:

    Love Game! Love that song!

  7. Vin says:

    Not really a fan, but I love this song Pokerface

  8. Venus Loves Mars says:

    Eh eh eh is my favorite song now after Lady GaGa Love Game:)

  9. Maria says:

    omg i love that song too = D
    And I love the game as well:)

  10. D'Artagnan Pluck says:

    the song Disco Stick

  11. dαηcєя ♥ [[ℓєcнαγιm]] says:

    I know the song. and mine is only dancing (I'm a dancer!) ♥

  12. Becca is a hot mess says:

    none. all suck. this is what happens to women in this society. How can we sit here and demand respect for women when we trash as she pranced around in her panties at the screen??

  13. let it rock says:

    Poker Face.
    I love Lady Gaga. : D

  14. Shane-o- says:

    Poker Face. However, the piano version he did live at Cherrytree.

  15. brownsug says:

    It is good, I personally like house music remixes of their songs!

  16. ♡le tigre says:

    Love Game
    Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
    I walk around on your hard stick

  17. Dextra the Killer Queen says:


  18. Tat!ana (; says:

    Poker Face (:

  19. Ty says яaωя!! ツ says:

    Game of Love:)
    'Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
    I walk around on your hard stick "

  20. Nicola says:

    Is it a man?? LOL

  21. The Blue Ring says:

    Poke Her face> 8D

  22. Priya <33 says:

    Just Dance!

  23. ~*HaNnAh says:

    Just Dance

  24. Wicked Wanda says:

    The one where they sing.
    This is not their own.

  25. mч вdαч ís tuєs.! 9.22.09 says:

    Just Dance.

  26. You Sun of a BEACH!™ says:

    Mine Love Game

  27. Skiitles says:

    lol the game of love

  28. xxrandom says:

    Game of Love

  29. Thug Life says:

    "I'm Just A Stupid Ho"

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