Rihanna – Do not Stop The Music

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10 thoughts on “Rihanna – Do not Stop The Music

  1. JerryFelten says:

    I play the piano and some improvisation and original compositions. I have information. . I'm new here. . . Manyi "Thank you. respect and take careJerry

  2. seanmiz16 says:

    avrilia "Girlfriend" Avril Lavigne has more. . .

  3. Jihad2560 says:

    101,613,452 views never seen a vid with "more viewsï

  4. vannskranke says:

    Check snakes rotten oni MySpace »¿! great band

  5. GenyaArikado says:

    Rihanna has a big forehead! Ï »¿^ ^

  6. devargud says:

    will. . . . . Rihanna – Do not Stop The Music avrilia brake "Lavigne – Girlfriend to save the most watched videos?

  7. devargud says:

    Damn it isi "bastard" impressive. . . . . . . . . !

  8. GRIMEKIDJB2009 says:

    Rihanna Self "Buff!

  9. miguelamaro4 says:

    see me play this "Song" and tell me what you think: D

  10. jessie10nino says:

    WARNING! If you love watching videos for entertainment, then go to YouTube MYI profile and check out "is humorous videos.

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