Lady Gaga Sells Her Hair With New Album

Lady Gaga Sells Hair

The pop stars are trading songs (and haircuts) on two new singles, for a partnership that has been labeled Gee-yoncé.

Lady Gaga plans to beat internet piracy by selling her Super Deluxe Pack of the extended album The Fame Monster for about $100! But you get some paper dolls, 3D glasses and a coffee-table tome, on yea you get a lock of Lady Gaga’s Hair too…allegedly.

In other news, the Gaga has announced a couple song collaborations with Beyoncé. We will give you more news about that when it comes up!

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5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Sells Her Hair With New Album

  1. Haley says:

    WAT UP

  2. Haley says:


  3. lady gaga says:

    iam famous

  4. alex says:

    do you now me girl

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