Survey For Men: Do you think Lady Gaga is sexy or curious?

It is a form of plant life.

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13 thoughts on “Survey For Men: Do you think Lady Gaga is sexy or curious?

  1. Dear Carlos says:

    I am a man, but shes good
    Maybe if someone has not POKE his face when he was a baby she had seen better

  2. angiemar says:

    I am a man:]
    I think it has an attractive price for it. .
    but her face, man. that not only looks good [

  3. Stevi Ann says:

    not sexy. not strange. but shit.

  4. itscored says:

    weird. This is not sexy.

  5. Nose Bleed says:


  6. I Yell At Mice With My Shirt Off says:

    She is pretty but she has a funny name.
    I take it back. I just googled some closeups of her. This biznatch's Fugly!

  7. Vivian says:

    A mixture of both!

  8. ï ♥ яÜρєяT gяïиT + mΰѕїc =P says:

    safe sexy

  9. drumdude says:


  10. tiffs daddy says:

    A Moron Jacked Mac. word.

  11. FREAKY SHITTY says:

    uhm totally…dnt think im lesbian bt id love to have her luk…she’s hoooooooot!!!lol

  12. Steve Hammond says:

    I don’t think she is in the slightest bit sexy!!

  13. Dave says:

    Absolutely, stunningly, sexy. Gorgeous, sleek and chic. Amazingly smoking body. Curves in all the right places. When in costume… yeah she looks weird, yet still in a curiously hot kinda way. With the costume off, behind closed doors, long blonde hair…….. equals a severly gorgeous girl. She is probably the sexiest celeb alive. Probably the only girl I’d ever cheat on my girlfriend with. Okay, you got me, I’d cheat on my girlfriend with Lady Gaga anyday and anytime. She is hot. For those of you who think she is not… go home and bang your fat girlfriends/ wives, missionary style for the rest of your lives and I’ll do Stefani Germanotta six ways from Sunday! She is simply amazing…

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