Survey: Wow, So Lady Gaga wants to "heal" the Jonas Brothers their virginity – Do U I wish you good luck with that?

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14 thoughts on “Survey: Wow, So Lady Gaga wants to "heal" the Jonas Brothers their virginity – Do U I wish you good luck with that?

  1. George A says:

    that Arnt vergine. . . . . they "will not" one another. . . . . . . it does nothing

  2. iLove Andy Samberg<3 SNL&TLI™ says:

    WTF? Do not really care Gogo Gaga Lady BooBoo PeePee whatever the hell of it. Dumbass name is still good, but overrated, their music is so great (but I admit that I love and Pokerface Just Dance), and a little **** I found some pictures of her naked Barbie dressed in futuristic **** or something.

  3. bagierra says:

    I think it's a little sad that he would consider virginity as a kind of disease. . . What is so wrong with being a virgin, now it is not unreasonable to be sexually active. If he really said that and not a joke, then lost a little respect from me. No, wait a minute that you have my respect. . . . it does not and will not if you continue to act like that.

  4. biancahe says:

    I kind of wish he would. Can you imagine what it would be fun. I could see the headlines "Gaga take The Jonas Brothers". Funny. Go Gaga!
    I love it.

  5. Tamirra J says:

    Well, what is she crazy? 1. Nick is too young for her 2. it must be in trouble for it. not a big problem, but it's a little scary to him. I wonder what they said

  6. ME!!!! says:


  7. Jonas♥. says:

    uhmm no. . .
    I can not believe he said he wants to have a foursome with them!

  8. Miss MC says:

    Who said they are virgins?

  9. Violet Field says:


  10. Belamia says:

    ewww. . . . ewwwww. . . . . that is so gross to think about her and them, and then the youngest is 15 years old is not.
    omg ewwww

  11. The Antichrist-Angel Of Despair says:

    Better her than me.

  12. Chad says:

    Dude, I do not know.

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  14. Maddam_sins says:

    Lmao. Only GaGa. That’s why I adore her so much. Funny thing is that I was thinking the same thing all this time. 5 some, here I come.

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