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What Song Lady Gaga poker "face" About? Where is the reference to what is in the lyrics?

I'm watching Friday Night with Jonathan Ross n Gaga said the song is about sex, but I do not know how to explain please!
Thank you.

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Is the song Lady Gaga, Just Dance drink or go about to see a cute guy?

I just wanted to know if the song "Just Dance" Lady Gaga is a drinking song, and his drinking, or is it to see a cute kid and all left, because he is so cute! Tell me, tell me!

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About Lady Gaga Lyrics question?

Okay, so I am listening Poker Face, music and video, the guy says:
She has no one to love
but the live acoustic version, it sounds like she says,
He loves people.
Is this true? I hear things? Or are they right? Thank you.

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