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Does anyone know where I can have a dress like Lady Gaga?

I Love Lady Gaga and I want to dress like her for Halloween. Does anyone know where I can get a mesh dress, wig, or anything else that could happen?

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Does anyone know what song Lady Gaga at the bottom?

I heard a song and has 4 different types of singing and never had a voice in the background that looked like lady gaga, someone knows what Im talkin about?

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Does anyone besides me think that poker face Lady Gaga song is stupid?

I mean really? P, P, P, poker face, p, p, poker face. And when he speaks of a cliff with their muffins? I love lady gaga, but this song is stupid. I would put my face!:) Lol!

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What kind of glasses Paparazzi Lady Gaga Does it use?

Lady Gaga Paparazzi in the new video, it is in a wheelchair in the first few minutes of video using the search for vintage sunglasses.
What name for this type of sunglasses? Or where I could find?

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