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The background music would be a good option for me?

I love singing and playing music. I can not find someone to join a group. All my friends are either in gangs or talent. So it would be a good idea to record music and singing live with recorded music. Was it a good idea and it is common? Does it depend on the music?

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A New Kind of Lady Gaga Fansite. Is it good?

I made a fan site Lady Gaga some time ago, and I did that fans can follow and contribute to news and content (videos, music, etc.) that the site has in him. Do you think it's a good idea to attract a significant number of new members is a lousy idea?
http://www. ladygagauniverse. com

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Lady Gaga Good Day New York

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular artists to emerge from New York. His new album just dropped and that the tour with New Kids On The Block. See the interview on his good days. To see her perform "Just …

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