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Omg Lady Gaga is a whore. Ghost. Four of the Jonas Brothers?

Oh, my God. I never liked Lady Gaga, because of the overtly sexual it is, and is very annoying and uncomfortable (but makes good music and is original: D), but check this out: http://www . AceShowbiz. com/news/view/0002 …
Now that's just not online. Not to mention disease. Nick is 16!

What do you think of this?

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In the television series The Office, Episode Pull Up Is Michael in his car to Lady Gaga?

Michael gets up from the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga and can not park in the parking lot and hit it the car behind him. He looks at the camera and says "its Britney B * tch." What episode and season is this?

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Do u think Lady Gaga Is Sexy?

PLZ DONT answer if I do not like, but I like their songs!

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