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What does a music therapist, and what is their education like?

I love music and I think going into health care. Someone suggested that the music therapist. Does anyone know what they do, or better still an individual therapist. What is your education is and what kind of training in music is what we need. What are some working conditions, and what earning potential. Anyone know any of this information would be greatly appreciated.

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What do the lyrics of their songs "Poker Face" Lady Gaga media?

To me, this song is about a woman who managed to blind flirtacious his way, and, therefore, fall in love with her. Or at least how difficult it is, "suggesting that perhaps an attitude of a bitch!
But I think there is definitley something that money.
Poker is a game known for the money, if it comes through the letters.
Absolutely love this song though, pefect to prepare for a night to tell you! ;)

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