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Lady Gaga Do not Think Is Sexy?

We think she is not ugly compared to other people!

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Do u think Lady Gaga Is Sexy?

PLZ DONT answer if I do not like, but I like their songs!

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Does anyone besides me think that poker face Lady Gaga song is stupid?

I mean really? P, P, P, poker face, p, p, poker face. And when he speaks of a cliff with their muffins? I love lady gaga, but this song is stupid. I would put my face!:) Lol!

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Do You Think Is Sexy Lady Gaga?

Loads of my mates have his boy is super sexy. . . Personally, I see!
Do you think is hot? Why?

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What do you think celebrities have the best plastic surgery? (pictures)?

Of course, to start my model, Hilary Duff, which anchor the teeth.
http://images. take40. com/300×400/hilary_duff_300x400. jpg
Ashlee Simpson, I think he looks better now that she had the nose.
http://www. splendicity. com/celeblook/files/2007/09/ashlee-simpson-cateyes. jpg
The next Fergie, who btw, looks much better than before.
http://www. Hollywood-celebrity-images. com/Celebrities/Fergie/Fergie-17. JPG
Victoria Beckham had done the teats, and usually do not like boob jobs that celebrities do, but theirs is not so bad.
http://www. makemeheal. com/news/images/victoria-beckham-breast-implants-3. jpg
And last but not least, Lady Gaga, if you do not see your nose before, then you could not tell a difference, but it seems soo much better (:
http://images. Starpulse. com/news/media/Lady-Gaga-jet-1. jpg
Now the vote in which fame was the smartest when it comes to cosmetic surgery?

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How many of you women think Lady Gaga Is Sexy?

how and why many of you think shes not

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What do you think these In Pokerface Lyrics Lady Gaga?

I'm not saying that I love you
Kiss or hug that
Because I am bluffin 'with my muffin
I am not lying, I'm stunnin 'with my love-glue GUNNING
Like a chicken in the casino
Take your bank before you pay
I promise this, promise
Check this party, because I'm beautiful
And I know that the song is about her being bisexual and conceal his feelings at the same time with the children.

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What do you think of fashion Lady Gaga?

Here are some photos of your fashion style: http://images. Starpulse. com / news / media / L … (artistic / modern)
2. http://media. entertainment. sky. com / image … (retro / modern) http://image. take40. com/300×400/lady_gag … (Léotard modern / retro) http://www. wolfwhistle. org /. a/6a00e554e5 … (hairsrtyle hair before too … on top and tights)
As you can see, she never uses pants lol. . .
In any case I feel about it is that fashion is a true pioneer and leading edge of fashion in the future. In addition, she brings the past in style, sometimes. The link 2 Léotard cover and looks great. However, in this image. . . http://omg. yahoo. com / photos / what-is-e …
It is too high and the oldest. Although I give him props for Women's fashion, not someone else. Person uses the type of clothing so they are unique! However, they may be higher.
Final verdict: Simple, refreshing and avant-garde pioneer and clothing-most of the time, sometimes on top.

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Do u think is pretty Lady Gaga?

I saw a picture of her with brown hair and she looked very well, but blonde hair is just a clash with its features, what do you think
dark hair (right) http://winniecooper. net / flowers / photos / Gaga …
Blonde hairhttp: / / images. Starpulse. com / news / media / L …

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