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What does a music therapist, and what is their education like?

I love music and I think going into health care. Someone suggested that the music therapist. Does anyone know what they do, or better still an individual therapist. What is your education is and what kind of training in music is what we need. What are some working conditions, and what earning potential. Anyone know any of this information would be greatly appreciated.

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What would the world of music Be Without Michael Jackson?

Since Michael Jackson is a huge influence on music today, I wondered how different music, especially pop music, is that Michael Jackson had never entered the music scene. What do you think? Pop music is very different than it is today?

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Music Theory What knowledge is necessary to study medieval music?

I enrolled in a course titled "History of Early Music. I had the theory of AP in high school, but very few people in the class are majors that have advanced the theory. It's complicated medieval music or what?

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What type of goods they sell for Lady Gaga Ball concert in his glory?

I am so excited because I see Lady Gaga live on May 2 in New York. I was wondering what the goods sold by type (such as T-shirts, posters, sunglasses, etc.)? Besides, you know the price?
Thank you very much!

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What kind of music scene downtown Detroit does at night?

The next time you visit downtown Detroit, I would check the music scene. What kind of music is the center of the scene in Detroit and where are the best places to see good music. I am interested in seeing contemporary new age music, classical music and jazz. They are also places to visit Travel to good music safely at night?

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What is Lady Gaga and Fergie?

1. Are you using wigs Lady Gaga and what is with her wardrobe. And it just me or not his love, from the game of Poker Face. And where are sexually? Game of love is to kiss a girl and Poker Face is kissing a man.
2. Why Fergie dyed his hair black? Do you think he looks better with blond hair?

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What are the lyrics of Just Dance by Lady Gaga?

http://www. metrolyrics. com/just-dance-ly…
there in the link.

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What Song Lady Gaga poker "face" About? Where is the reference to what is in the lyrics?

I'm watching Friday Night with Jonathan Ross n Gaga said the song is about sex, but I do not know how to explain please!
Thank you.

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What do you think celebrities have the best plastic surgery? (pictures)?

Of course, to start my model, Hilary Duff, which anchor the teeth.
http://images. take40. com/300×400/hilary_duff_300x400. jpg
Ashlee Simpson, I think he looks better now that she had the nose.
http://www. splendicity. com/celeblook/files/2007/09/ashlee-simpson-cateyes. jpg
The next Fergie, who btw, looks much better than before.
http://www. Hollywood-celebrity-images. com/Celebrities/Fergie/Fergie-17. JPG
Victoria Beckham had done the teats, and usually do not like boob jobs that celebrities do, but theirs is not so bad.
http://www. makemeheal. com/news/images/victoria-beckham-breast-implants-3. jpg
And last but not least, Lady Gaga, if you do not see your nose before, then you could not tell a difference, but it seems soo much better (:
http://images. Starpulse. com/news/media/Lady-Gaga-jet-1. jpg
Now the vote in which fame was the smartest when it comes to cosmetic surgery?

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What is the rap song that features Lady Gaga?

What is the name of the rap song with Lady Gaga. Its something similar. "Lookin they lookin at me" or something.

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