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What Song Lady Gaga poker "face" About? Where is the reference to what is in the lyrics?

I'm watching Friday Night with Jonathan Ross n Gaga said the song is about sex, but I do not know how to explain please!
Thank you.

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Where can I find a bunch of Lady Gaga remixed songs into a song?

Is there a remix of a handful of songs in a lady gaga song?

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Where can I buy a cup of tea as the Purple One Lady Gaga?

http://www. mirror. co. uk/celebs/news/2009/04/20/lady-gaga-arrives-at-radio-1-with-her-teacup-and-saucer-115875-21292656/

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Where can I find the website of Best Buy Tickets Lady Gaga?

I try to buy 3 tickets for the concert by Lady Gaga sold to House of Blues in Chicago on March 24 at 10:30. What is the best site with the best price?

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Where can I find the Ark of hair that always Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga has an arc that always seems to have done outside their own hair. I know that probably my own style of hair that way, but does anyone know where I can find a real bow like that?

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Where Can I Find Lady Gaga “dance” Sheet Music For The Piano?

I want to be able to print off the piano sheet music for the song just Dance by Lady Gaga. Can anyone find me a website please?

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