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What would the world of music Be Without Michael Jackson?

Since Michael Jackson is a huge influence on music today, I wondered how different music, especially pop music, is that Michael Jackson had never entered the music scene. What do you think? Pop music is very different than it is today?

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Lady Gaga – "Christmas tree" World Premiere Xmas Song (HQ) Video Ft Space Cowboy Lyrics

http://simisodapop. blogspot. . . Lady Gaga – "CHRISTMAS TREE" First World, Christmas Song (HQ) Video Space Cowboy FT Ra pa pam pam (x4) Enlighten me with me in the top allows falalalalalalala x2 The only pl. . .

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When Lady Gaga go around the world?

When Lady Gaga in his world tour? I heard that succession planning, but Im not sure if this is true.

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