The background music would be a good option for me?

I love singing and playing music. I can not find someone to join a group. All my friends are either in gangs or talent. So it would be a good idea to record music and singing live with recorded music. Was it a good idea and it is common? Does it depend on the music?

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One thought on “The background music would be a good option for me?

  1. Saul says:

    The disadvantage of a band pass or something so it's quite annoying – only a person to see. You have to be very entertaining. The second is, especially guitarists, will you do to the rhythm? The two options I saw a drum machine or laptop. The laptop is more expensive, but it can literally burn a full CD-quality track. Unfortunately, the sound quality is totally dependent on the house speakers. . . could be a bad thing. The best way would be to get a rack configuration, where you can plug your laptop into. . . but it would mean a mixer or preamp (Virtualizer, perhaps), a power amplifier, and possibly other effects, too (EQ, Compressor, a voice processor, etc..)
    A laptop also feel "dynamic". . . can give and take with a drum machine. This could mean that the music can feel lifeless and mechanical. However, a laptop has many options available.
    If I had money, that's what I'd do. . . . as it is, I do my best to talk about my drums in the band that I do a side project with me.
    Think. . . . corruption. =)

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