What would the world of music Be Without Michael Jackson?

Since Michael Jackson is a huge influence on music today, I wondered how different music, especially pop music, is that Michael Jackson had never entered the music scene. What do you think? Pop music is very different than it is today?

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16 thoughts on “What would the world of music Be Without Michael Jackson?

  1. SaSa says:

    music would suck!

  2. Jenna H says:

    I think that most music today would be different without him and what MTV. It was the first person to make a music video continues a history, has revolutionized the dance for all genres of music and developed all sorts of different rhythms. I want to look Rhianna, she used the rhythm of "I want something to Be Startin 'and many others have used part of his work in his own plays. She also helped write all sorts of songs. In essence, was one of the most influential in the music industry forever! Whether or not you want, but it had a big impact. Of course, critics say that these things happened over time, but I think a single person. Michael Jackson has been unique since his childhood has not been treated fairly and loved for what he has always felt the need to please the world and others like it. In conclusion, if you're a fan or not had an impact on your favorite music, like Elizabeth Taylor said she was "… The king of pop, funk and soul. "

  3. Voila it's moi says:

    There would be many singers today.
    In addition, the music industry would be quite wrong.
    When Michael Thriller, everyone started to buy along with other music.
    So thank you.

  4. MAD says:

    Really different Michael Jackson was one of the first people to be an African-American to appear on MTV or VH1 with Billie Jean. . . The music is very different. . . Not Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown etc popular culture is not the same. . . . Michael Jackson influence not only pop culture influenced humanity to "Heal the World Foundation" and "We Are The World" USA for Africa. . . Nobody will all be the same. . . . .
    (R. I. P MJ)

  5. BabyFace says:

    Differenthttp: / / www. associatedcontent. com / article …

  6. EasyCity Press says:

    The world would be the same, probably, his being, another famous artist Michael, but I'm not in the hard rock and metal anyway, such as soft drinks too yah

  7. WazUp says:

    I asked this question. . . . . .
    MJ QUE. http://answers. yahoo. com / question / index? …

  8. ♥sтяαηgεя ωιтн тнε ℓσss σf нσρε♥ says:

    There would be Usher, Mariah Carey, etc.
    In other words, no artists have been influenced by the greatest animator of all time.

  9. D. Jimenez says:

    there would be no such thing as music
    and Rhianna and Justin and those who have used their songs as a copy or he would not be famous

  10. xxѕσρн-м says:

    It would be soooooooooooo much different. To make matters worse. Do not think it would have advanced so far since the old days. It would be boring or Corny

  11. Jade B ♥ MJ says:

    Many singers are inspired by him. They have good music, which he did. I would say it would be very different.

  12. Vicky says:

    It was not Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown.
    Michael has

  13. MJForever [: says:

    Less gay

  14. testi_co says:

    huge! with 98% of artists are influenced by what they actually hear music wouldnt

  15. twiggy says:

    a lot!

  16. Just me a MJ FAN says:


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