Why song Lady Gaga "Just Dance" as high in iTunes?

I love Lady GaGa music and style. But why only his sky rocket to number 2 on iTunes Top 100 Songs? It happened suddenly. This song has been since May, and have done moderately. What happened to the song so high in one day?

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5 thoughts on “Why song Lady Gaga "Just Dance" as high in iTunes?

  1. gofish19 says:

    But I have not noticed that the song is very popular and many people like myself

  2. you know you love my answer says:

    cause the song is a kid! just dance, spin that record babe! oh oh oh Just Dance! I feel like just getting up and just dance! ha!

  3. Christian B says:

    Probably because the music video has not been out long.

  4. jbfan says:

    The song won aa THT just want people to dance! All songs by Lady GaGa is welcome!
    helphttp-plzz: / / answers. yahoo. com / question / index …

  5. Miss-Per says:

    they started playing on the radio and loads of stuff. I heard from my friends.

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